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Auto Service Auto Body knows that having an auto accident can be a traumatic experience, that's why our customer service staff is always on hand to answer any of your questions regarding your collision repairs. Right from the start, we contact your insurance company, arrange for towing, and provide you with a rental vehicle. We are experts when dealing with your insurance company. We make sure that you receive all of the benefits that you are entitled to. Remember, we work for you...not the insurance company.

Dent /Scratch Repair

Paintless Dent/Removal

Automotive Welding

Precision Color Matching

Dent & Scratch Repair

Minor vehicle body damage may not appear to be an issue, but failing to repair it might lead to more serious problems in the future. Minor automobile dents, auto body dings, and car paint scratches and scrapes not only look unsightly, but they can also have a negative impact on the resale value of a vehicle. Furthermore, if there is significant damage to the paint, rust might begin to develop, causing corrosion and deterioration issues.

Furthermore, if there is significant damage to the paint, rust might begin to develop, causing corrosion and deterioration issues. Visit us for expert dent or scratch repair in Rhode Island if you detect a vehicle body flaw for the first time.

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent repair is a specialized service that can fix vehicle body dents without having to repaint the surrounding area. This treatment works best on areas that may be reached from the rear, such as door dents, hood dents, trunk lid dents, fender dents, and automobile roof dents. We'll use particular equipment and processes to restore your car to like-new condition whether it's due to hail or other incidents. Request an estimate for paintless dent repair in Rhode Island or the surrounding areas from our automobile body shop.

Automotive Welding

Modern vehicles have strict automotive welding requirements. High-strength steels and new aluminum components require specialized welding equipment and certified Welding Technicians to maintain your automobile’s structural integrity. 

Auto Service Auto Body invests heavily in the new welding technologies to keep current with advanced body platforms. Our Welding Technicians receive the training that is essential to making your vehicle safe in the repair process.

Precision Color Matching

You need the assurance that your vehicle will be returned looking good as new, hence our commitment to matching the original paint job. Nothing is left to chance. We have the knowledge and technology to color match to perfection, even the most exotic of colors. Computerized color matching using our computerized system and drawing from our database of paint formulations, we recreate your original paint formula. To produce a factory finish, our computerized system is used at every step of the process: degreasers, body fillers, primers, primer-surfacers, sealers, hardeners, reducers, and of course, the finest topcoats in the industry. Our convection ovens, set to the proper temperature, ensure that the car finish gives you not only beauty, but also maximum protection and durability.

30 Days After Repaint

You Have The Right to

Choose Your Auto Collision Repair Shop

Following a car accident, your insurance company might try to steer you toward using a “preferred” body repair shop. However, many car owners aren’t aware that even if their insurance companies strongly recommend a shop, the choice is ultimately up to them. “Some insurance companies try to convince their clients to go to a preferred shop because it will cost them less, but you have the right to choose a shop that will work for you, not your insurance company,” says Tony Victoria, owner of Auto Service Auto Body in Rhode Island.

Another myth about dealing with car insurance companies is that you need to get three separate quotes from three different body shops before your claim will be approved. Tony says this is another deception put forth by disreputable companies. “There’s no reason to get more than one quote, because you have the right to bring your car to the body shop of your choosing. Also, getting three different estimates isn’t even an accurate way to assess damage. For a shop to provide an accurate estimate in most cases, the vehicle will need the damaged area disassembled to reveal hidden damage. Obviously, this can’t be done three separate times at three separate locations.”

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