Automotive Collision Repair

Following a car accident, your insurance company might try to steer you toward using a “preferred” body repair shop. However, many car owners aren’t aware that even if their insurance companies strongly recommend a shop, the choice is ultimately up to them. Give us a call to learn more or to request an estimate for the cost of collision repair in Rhode Island.
“Some insurance companies try to convince their clients to go to a preferred shop because it will cost them less, but you have the right to choose a shop that will work for you, not your insurance company, That’s why it’s important to choose a shop that offers the highest service possible."
- Tony Victoria, owner of Auto Service Auto Body in Rhode Island.

Collision Repair Services

Collision Services

Unibody Repair

Panel Replacment

Metal & Fiberglass

Glass Replacement

Insurance Services

Unibody Repair

Our state-of-the-art collision center has sophisticated computerized frame straightening and unibody repair tools. The frame & Unibody are what support the components that support a vehicle's major components and provide important structural integrity, resulting in a safer ride for passengers in the event of a collision. Following an accident, frame repair and unibody straightening are critical to getting the automobile on the road safely. To get a car driving again, we can perform frame pulling, unibody repairs, and even vehicle frame replacement. Learn more about these crucial collision services by calling us today!

Panel Replacement

When a body panel is damaged, it's usually preferable to replace it rather than attempt to fix its wrinkles. We can provide OEM replacement panels for all makes and models of vehicles and color them to perfectly match the rest of your car or truck. We provide auto door replacement, hood replacement, trunk lid replacement, fender replacement, and other vehicle body panel repair services for most models.

Metal & Repair Fiberglass

Our certified technicians work on all types of automotive bodies, including aluminum, steel and fiberglass. We employ a variety of tactics to restore vehicle bodies to their pre-accident condition, each specific to the body’s material. Whether you drive a fiberglass Porche or other sports car, a luxury aluminum car or SUV, or a steel sedan, we can return it to like-new condition.

Glass Replacement

Auto Service Auto Body offers expert vehicle glass replacement in Rhode Island, either as part of a damage claim or outside of an accident. We can replace car windows, repair or replace windshields, and replace vehicle mirrors. We replace damaged glass in your automobile from windshields to overhead roofing. Give us a call to get an estimate for the cost of vehicle glass replacement.

Insurance Services

We'll work directly with your collision insurance provider to get your car fixed with the least possible out-of-pocket expenses. With decades of expertise dealing with vehicle insurance claims, we have the capacity to relieve stress levels by handling all communication, paperwork, and, of course, repairs to get your automobile repaired. You have the legal right to choose which collision repair shop will work on your vehicle following an accident. You and your automobile will get the attention you deserve if you choose our local shop. All you have to do now is call us to get started by scheduling an estimate for collision insurance repairs in Rhode Island.

If you’ve been in an auto accident, rely on Auto Service Auto Body to take expert care of your vehicle. Our Rhode Island collision repair shop is equipped to handle any vehicle and perform any services necessary to return it to its pre-accident condition. To learn more, or to schedule a collision repair estimate, give us a call or stop by our nearby collision repair shop at your convenience.

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